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Chanteclair, a well-established brand name all around the world.

Auguste Roustan, soap maker, patented the first natural product in the twentieth century in France as part of a family business. So it was born in the now world-famous Marseille soap wash.

Afterwards two experienced Italian family companies Italsilva-Gruppo Desa bought the brand and developed in a short time the Marseilles soap-based detergents and household cleaners wide range.

Italsilva-Gruppo Desa was founded over a hundred years. Today, the group is a leader in the field of detergents and cleaning products manufacture in Italy and France. Realsilva (the export division of Italsilva-Gruppo Desa ) exports Chanteclair detergents in more than 40 countries.

The cleaning power of every product is unique and their distinctive smell of "purity" is unmistakable.

Today, Chanteclair, thanks to continuous research and development offers innovative and eco-friendly range of products from detergents to household cleaning products, satisfying the most sophisticated expectations of consumers as well.

Chanteclair has created the Chanteclair Vert brand, a special line of high performance ecodetergents with low environmental impact. Chanteclair Vert product line is certified 100 % BIO and guarantees the quality and veracity of environmental aspects.


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