Introducing GS Converting and the Sensuré brand

GS Converting, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Italy today, was founded in 1997 by Giovambattista Sorrentino, based on the experience in his family’s business since 1970. The firm, which strictly makes its products in Italy, has earned and maintained a strong position in the consumer health sector.

GS Converting, a Family Company, specialises in the production of wet wipes, toiletries, and other products for personal, baby, and house care on behalf of multinational and Italian companies. It is also a producer of private label for big supermarket chains as well as the owner of several brands. Converting’s strengths include industry experience, quality, production capacity, innovation, and client service. Its mission is to create value for the consumer, offering products that are as efficient and safe as possible, based on the varying needs of a continually changing market. Continual investment into the research and technological innovation has allowed Converting to take on new projects and tackle new challenges, differentiating its range of products and maintaining consistently high quality standards.