Flushable Moist Toilet Tissue with Aloe-Chamomile and Marigold-Mallow extract 10+2

Eco-friendly material

Biodegradable in 14-28 days wet toilet wipes
Can flush the wipes away

Tissue size: 15×20 cm
Format: 10 pieces+2 free pieces


Sensuré  еnsures freshness and protection at every use. The new biodegradable, compostable material means you can flush the wipes away. Specific tests have shown that the fabric biodegrades by 95% in 14 – 28 days*. *tests carried out in laboratories according to the INDA/EDANA guidelines, June 2013.

Aloe Vera extract: moisturising and regenerating
Chamomile extract: soothing and anti-reddening

Marigold: shooting and refreshing
Mallow extract: emollient and anti-inflammatory