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Perla’s premium quality product range includes: toilet paper, wiper rolls, napkins, kitchen towels, tissues, facial tissues in pure cellulose, white or coloured products.

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A long history of quality products at a convenient price: toilet paper, kitchen towels, tissue and wipe rolls, designed for all customers' needs in the kitchen, in the bathroom and on the table.

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Since its birth the brand was NO FRILLS: the right number of plies, pieces, absorbency and resistance at the right price. Customers with a special attention on price appreciate the brand.

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Veluette’s premium quality product range includes: decorated toilet paper and placemats rolls in pure cellulose.

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Chanteclair is a well-established brand name all around the world. The cleaning power of every product is unique and their distinctive smell of "purity" is unmistakable.

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Chanteclair Vert
Chanteclair Vert is a special line of high performance eco-friendly detergents with low environmental impact. Chanteclair Vert product line is certified 100 % eco-friendly and guarantees the quality and veracity of environmental aspects.

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Sensuré is the line for personal wellbeing, made with delicate formulations studied to gently cleanse and protect the skin, respecting its physiological pH level. ICEA-certified products play a particularly important role, free from chemicals harmful for humans and the environment and the results of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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